Ingram LogoINGRAM MICRO, the world’s largest technology products distributor operating in 38 countries with annual revenues in excess of $45 Billion, has added PRINTOKIT® to its European Stock Lists in order to help its barcode printers resellers secure the aftermarket of thermal transfer labels and ribbons.

PRINTOKIT®, one roll of blank thermal transfer labels and one roll of suitable ribbon to print them in one smartly packaged and economical “kit”, is a fresh and innovative approach in sourcing, selling, and using thermal transfer labels and ribbons with all common barcode printers (such as Zebra, Sato, Intermec, CAB, TSC, Datamax, etc).

PRINTOKIT® helps end-users improve their printing operative efficiencies by at least 35% and reduce material waste by 15-20% and is the smartest way for resellers to add real value in a rather commoditized set of products, thus securing their after-market. Some advantages of PRINTOKIT® are:

  • One easy to handle package
  • Easy ordering
  • Guaranteed match between labels & ribbons for best printing results
  • Reduces material waste
  • Increases operative efficiencies
  • A LABELS-RIBBONS® product

Learn more about PRINTOKIT® here

If you are interested to receive more information about PRINTOKIT®, fill out the form below or call us on +30 210 6690900 (Contact Name: Marios Hadjiandreou).

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